Pack N Stash

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Pack N Stash is the premier marijuana storage container. When it comes to Marijuana stash boxes and airtight cannabis containers, it is second to none. Pack N Stash also is the perfect medical marijuana (MMJ) container.

Use Pack N Stash as a traveling pot container or for concealing marijuana when out on the town. Use Pack N Stash as your smell proof container. Pack N Stash provides great pot scent control. It is moisture resistant. Put Pack N Stash in your pocket right next to your vaporizer. It replaces that old marijuana box or weed bag. Pack N Stash perfectly loads portable vaporizers.

Pack a vaporizer in seconds!

Portable vapes and their small ovens are difficult to fill. Pack N Stash is a scent proof container and vaporizer loading tool that will make it quick and easy. It is the last herb loader you will ever need. Pack N Stash works for leaf cannabis and tobacco. It is perfect for packing (Packn) weed and is a great little weed storage tube and cannabis carrier. Pack N Stash also works for wax concentrates. It is the perfect small herb container that will keep your medical marijuana hidden and secret. Simply put the Pack N Stash in your pocket, purse, or backpack.


No more baggies, pill boxes, dime bags, doob tubes or Tic Tac boxes to keep your ganja stash.


Carrying a glass marijuana jar is not safe weed transportation. The plastic marijuana dispenser is the way to go; right next to your portable vaporizer. The Pack N Stash is smell resistant and water resistant. It is essentially a sealed pot container or a pot travel case. Pack N Stash is perfect for taking herb and cannabis to work or around with you all day. Load your Vape in seconds, you cannot do that with a jar of marijuana.




We have lots of testimonials from medical marijuana users about Pack N Stash being the perfect 420 container for marijuana transport and vaporizer loading. It you visit a marijuana dispensary; insist that you get your cannabis in a Pack N Stash.


"When you’re on the go and you don’t want to carry a grinder and jar, Pack N Stash is the best way to stash pre-ground herb.”
               - Smell The Truth Staff,


“I give the Pack N Stash a stellar 4-leaf review because it does what it’s intended to do and would be useful to the traveling smoker.”
               - Bud S. Moker, Th.C.,


“Let me give you a marijuana storage tip. This thing is great for cannabis scent control and vape filling. The best marijuana carrying product on the market”
               - David Stein, Ann Arbor Michigan


“I picked up the Pack N Stash after I struggled with vaporizer loading. After about a day I had the Pack N Stash figured out and was packing a vape in seconds. I highly recommend the Pack N Stash, it is a great little marijuana storage container.”
               - Theodore Kelo, Aspen Colorado


“A convenient marijuana storage container with a great smell resistant and water resistant feature. Worked great for loading portable vaporizers”


“If you smoke marijuana, you need a Pack N Stash.  If you stash herb, then you need a Pack N Stash. If you use a portable vaporizer, then you need a Pack N Stash. If you fill a vape, then you need a Pack N Stash. What more need I say.”
               - Jeremy Cohen, San Diego California  


"This is the coolest thing I have ever seen.  I used to use a dugout with a bat.  Then I got a Puffit.  I hated loading it.  My buddy showed me his Pack N Stash and I was in love. Now vaporizer filling is snap. It is a plastic weed container with a purpose!"
               - Hancel Lomus, Albuquerque NM



Pack N Stash, also known as the “twisting marijuana container”, is a handheld cannabis dispenser sweeping the nation. It is replacing the Marijuana plastic bag for your cannabis stash and vaporizer packing needs. It comes with the weed funnel for easy loading. The funnel accommodates all leaf marijuana. Once you load your Pack N Stash with the marijuana funnel, you have the perfect plastic weed container ready to go. Other people call it a cone, but we call it the marijuana funnel. Use Pack N Stash to load vaporizers. It works with Pax by Ploom, Puffit, Ascent, Da Vinci, Magic Flight, Vapir, Indica, Iolite, Da Buddha, ViVape, SSV, Volcano, Vape Squad, Firefly, and more!